Janice's Journey

One in Eight: Janice's Journey - About the Film

" A spry, surprisingly dramatic, true-life American thriller, and with an ecological agenda: Why is it that one in twenty American women used to get breast cancer in a lifetime, and now it's one in eight?"   Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix film critic


Film Synopsis

"Part of what’s a drag about cancer is that it hijacks your whole life!" - Janice Fine

When filmmaker Cynthia McKeown learned that her friend Janice Fine had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she approached her with the idea of doing a video diary. That diary became the award-winning documentary film One in Eight: Janice’s Journey.

One in Eight: Janice’s Journey  tells the story of Janice’s battle, from diagnosis, through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, on to her subsequent recovery. Only thirty three years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Janice Fine is an articulate, funny, and forthright subject as the camera follows her through treatment sessions, doctor consultations and personal reflections.

One in Eight: Janice’s Journey also asks the important question of why the incidence of breast cancer is increasing, and examines the epidemic of cancer on Janice’s native Long Island.

Production Credits

Director, Producer and Videographer: Cynthia A. McKeown
Editor:Mary-Kate Shea
Additional Editing: Patricia Cahalen
Original Music: Jim Sullivan, Terry Kitchen
On-Line Editor: Mark Geffen
Sound Mix: Richard Bock
Creative Consultant: Jeanne Jordan